Grants support courses, partnerships and undergraduate research that embody the MDHI’s focus on engaging undergraduates with the local community of Bethlehem through the digital humanities and documentary studies. Multiple grants may support a single project that engages multiple individuals. Grants will be awarded based on a review of applications by a program advisory committee. Grant funding is available each year through June 2018.

2017-2018 Grants have all been awarded with the exception of Faculty travel grants.

Undergraduate research grants for students to develop experience, perspectives and research skills to work with and in the community. Students will work under faculty supervision in independent inquiry, artistic creation, or scholarship. Grants are available for individual as well as group projects. Photo from an MDHI funded undergraduate project "Move Your Feet."


Off-site training grants give faculty and staff the opportunity to pursue specialized off-campus digital humanities training, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, and site visits. These off-site trainings will augment the training available through MDHI’s on-campus workshops. Faculty who are awarded off-site training grants will disseminate their new skills on-campus through presentations or mini-workshops. See examples of possible off-site trainings. 


Course development grants fund the creation of undergraduate courses with community focus and digital components, including gateway and advanced courses. Grants can be used to develop new courses or to integrate digital tools and community engagement into existing courses. "Holy Ghost" photo by Justine Gaetano, a student in Prof. Anna Chupa's MDHI-funded course.


 Community partner grants start or strengthen partnerships between Lehigh and its community. Faculty and staff can apply to this grant to supervise students to work on projects with community organizations, local arts organizations, historical societies, government, business, education and media. These grants foster engagement between Lehigh and Bethlehem, and promote the collaborative chronicling of the surrounding community.